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Covid-19 and Choirs

With the arrival of Covid-19 in March 2020, organisations that relied on meeting indoors were severely hit. Choirs, in particular, were severely restricted as singing by a group in an enclosed environment was regarded as a potentially dangerous activity.

Many choirs ceased operation, and at the time of writing, are still closed.

Others looked at different ways to continue singing, with some turning to Zoom sessions with varying degrees of success (zoom is great for a group singing / speaking individually, but not good for simultaneous singing.

The other option that has become very popular is the concept of virtual performances.

For this to work, the individual choir members rehearse their parts at home, singing to a backing track supplied by the choir leader. Sometimes this might have a temporary vocal track as well to help less confident singers stay in tune and in time.

Whilst many singers are happy to sing within the overall “protection” of other choir members around them, it can be quite daunting singing alone.

What’s more, there are a number of technical aspects to consider.

The singer sings along whilst listening to the backing track on headphones or earpieces connected to a phone, tablet or laptop. At the same time the individual performance is videoed on another device, which only records the image and the sound of the singer. The earpieces are used to ensure that the backing track is not heard by the recording device.

All of this sounds terribly technical, but full step-by-step instructions are supplied, and experience shows that 99% of singers manage very well after a few tries!

The individual videos are then sent by email to the editor (me) who has the task of combining all of the videos and sound recordings in sync with the backing track. Add in some visual choreography of the images and a fair few hours of work, and the result is a virtual choir performance!

It’s quite amazing how choir members who start out being in fear of solo singing and handling the technical aspects soon become absolute enthusiasts when they see themselves in the finished edit.

It also keeps the choir together, if only virtually, and produces a lasting record and great publicity for the choir – and what’s more they’re completely free of charge!

See what the singers say…

Thank you to Woodborough video for making our lockdown so special! Clare

You have done a brilliant job of bringing us all together as one choir when we are not able to get together in person. Marcia

Love this video! The singing sounds much better than I thought it would, and the editing is so professional. Pete

That was fun – Thank you Woodborough Video. Lynne

I was terrified¬†at first, but I’m now so glad that my friends talked me into into doing it. Annie

We had great fun doing this. Hope we can do it again sometime. Lucie

If you are a member of a choir, and would like to take part in a virtual choir video, please get in touch.